Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Music of the soul can be heard by the universe...

Combining sound and soul with the use of technology we create Magic just like an angel does. The Magic we so create for our clients will be loved and enjoyed by all. Angela Studio’s recording theatre, situated in the heart of Vadapalani has state of the art infrastructure for all types of audio recording needs. Recording is done digitally on a multi-track recording facility. We offer a high-quality, professional service at competitive prices. Musicians, singers and voice-over professionals can be hired upon special request at extra cost…

Services Offered

Music Recording

Recording Engineers shape the sound of an album to give you the best music. They record, edit, and mix sound through their choice of microphones, setting levels and sound manipulation techniques. They are well-versed in all kinds of recording technology, from analog tape to digital multi-track recording.

Voice Demos

Your demo needs to be the best work you can do to show prospective clients and potential agents what you can do. You can rest assured that this presentation of yours given through us will impress your clients.


The purpose of dubbing may be simply to make multiple copies of audio programs, or it may be done to preserve programs on old media which are deteriorating and may otherwise be lost. We do all this for you.


Audio mixing is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. This practical, aesthetic and  creative treatment is done in order to produce a mix that is more appealing to listeners.

Music For Corporate Films, Short Films and Documentaries

We add music for corporate films, short films and documentaries that enables and show cases the reels of shooting. This will be an add-on feature to enhance the dialogue delivery or the context of the video or add value to the story.

Voice Over

We offer you voice over services where our artists unique voice strengths will improve your audio.

We offer On-Location Recording facility which is a great approach for big projects with small budgets. Our portable recording studio setup allows us to come to you. We record your music in your place – be it a local studio, rehearsal space or concert venue.

Audio Post production for Tele-Serials, Radio, Commercials, Business Demonstrations & Presentations, Corporate Videos, Telephone Voicemail and On-Hold Messages, Celebrity Impersonations, Voice over for E-Learning, Audio Books, Educational Videos,Music Jingles, Music Composition & Production can be done here. We also offer Song Creation, Song Sequencing and all other audio related services.

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