Our service Film making Our service
Film making at Angela Studios is all about the 3Es - Envision, Entertain & Enlighten. With this in mind our film production service cover everything from creative direction and script development, through to live action filming, motion design & post production. Our filmmaking team is always thinking about how to make a difference through the art of motion picture. Be it short films or feature length documentaries, ad campaigns or films about CSR activities, we push ourselves to the limits to give you an audio-visual treat.
Our service RECORDING STUDIO Our service
Combining sound and soul with the use of technology we create magic just like an angel does. The magic we so create for our clients will be loved and enjoyed by all. Angela Studios recording theatre, situated in the heart of Vadapalani has state of the art infrastructure for all types of audio recording needs. Recording is done digitally on a multi-track recording facility. We offer a high quality professional service at competitive prices. Musicians, singers & voice over professionals can be hired upon special request
Our service EDITING SUIT Our service
We offer professional editing from rough cut to finished edit transforming a raw footage into artwork. We also convert & compress your video for other purposes like integration of videos into website, into power point and flash presentations. For CDs and DVDs where you want to cover long video footage or audio in limited space.
Our service MODELLING STUDIO Our service
Lighting, angels, property, backdrop are as important as the camera and the photographer themselves. As a one stop shop we provide them all for our client in our modelling studio. Be it product or person our photographers will speak for themselves and will convey the message our clients require.
Our service VFX & DI SUIT Our service
Be it business or personal just filming alone is not sufficient. Improve your videos with high quality VFX & Colour correction services. We do colour correction and grading, VFX & editing for cinema, TV & Web. We use the world's most advanced colour grading tools. Any creature will come to life in our studio.
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